For the Love of Whiskey

Denver is without a doubt a beer and whiskey town. It’s one of the reasons (or really two of the reasons) that my brothers and I feel so at home here. We opened Freshcraft near Union Station in 2010 right before the Great American Beer Festival – and somehow managed to live through it. Freshcraft is a restaurant and bar dedicated to the passion for craft beer, and the GABF crowd responded to us in a big way. The 2016 version of that festival is coming up in just a few short weeks and it has me thinking about whiskey – or whisky if you prefer.

Why whiskey you ask? Well, as it turns out craft beer people are also whiskey people. We sold a LOT of beer that week – but we also sold a LOT of whiskey. I was personally already a person that enjoyed whiskey, however, my knowledge of the spirit was nowhere near that of the customers that I was serving.


So, when the festival was over I started *ahem* researching. Which mainly consisted of reading and drinking. Well, mostly drinking – and talking to other whiskey enthusiasts. I then found that my brother Aaron also had an affinity for whiskey – possibly equal to mine for craft beer.

In 2014 when we decided to open Block & Larder on Tennyson Street, we knew without it even being a question, that whiskey would be the spirit featured most prominently at our bar. Yes, we have great beer at Block & Larder, our cocktails are also quite delicious and the wine selection is superb, but one look at our back bar will tell you that our establishment runs on whiskey.


Aaron has done a great job with curating our whiskey selection. It is vast without being overwhelming. Looking for a great single malt Scotch? We’ve got that. A pot distilled Irish? Yep. Spicy high rye content bourbon? No problem. Locally distilled malt whiskey? Of course. Whether you are a long time aficionado or someone just embarking on a love affair with the spirit, we have something for you. We would be happy to serve it to you however you like and even have a conversation about your drink. If you would like to try one of our top shelf spirits without committing to a large price tag, we’ll be happy to sell you a half pour for half of the regular price. Stop in to see us some time – you won’t be disappointed.

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