Block & Larder Oyster Bar

You Heard It Right, Block & Larder Serves Oysters!

Here at Block and Larder, we have some of the best oysters you can find in Denver.


Keep in mind, you won’t find any pearls in these bad boys, just fresh and juicy oyster meat. Nor will you find better oysters in all of Denver (we checked). What you will find is a minimum of two oyster varietals; one West Coast and one East Coast. Currently, we have Kumamoto Oysters from California and Delaware Bay Oysters from…well…Delaware Bay.

The Kumamotos have a mild brine taste with a summer melon finish and pair well with white wine (white burgundy if you want to get nerdy about it). Kumamotos are petite in comparison to their counterparts and have the reputation for a clean taste profile. They are also known for their tender and silky meat. Delaware Bays, in contrast, are known for dense and hearty meat. They taste mildly sweet with hazelnut undertones. A beloved pairing for Delaware Bays, and oysters in general, is Champagne. The textural contrast between the velvety oysters and bubbly Champagne make for a magical dining experience; give it a try, you’ll love it!

Block & Larder focuses on serving the best oysters possible while making sure customers enjoy their restaurant experience. Poseidon himself couldn’t get better tasting oysters in Denver. Also, your oyster endeavor will be a guilt free encounter; that’s because we only source oysters that have sustainable farm practices.
OK, now for some info…

All Day Tues- Thurs: $1 Select Oysters

Happy Hour Oyster Special: $2 Select Oysters

Happy Hour Special: $5 Prosecco


Lucky you! We are serving these tasty mollusks on our lunch and dinner menu. You’ve heard the spiel, now stop on by for some oysters, Denver style.